Blue Nebula Consulting Company Overview

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Rahsaan Brown

Rahsaan Brown is a visionary entrepreneur, esteemed public speaker, and accomplished leader. As the CEO of Blue Nebula Consulting, Inc., the premier 100% black-owned pre-need sales, marketing, and management company in America, Rahsaan has made a remarkable impact in his industry.

With over 20 years of experience, Rahsaan has built a thriving business that partners with leading funeral homes, dedicated to preserving legacies and driving pre-need sales growth. His expertise as a Certified Preplanning Consultant with NFDA and a Certified Celebrant through InSight has propelled his success, while his role as a faculty member for ICCFA University's College of Sales & Marketing has allowed him to share his knowledge with aspiring professionals.

Rahsaan's gift for oration has captivated audiences of all sizes, as he delivers transformative educational sessions that foster personal growth and development. He has also demonstrated his commitment to community engagement by serving as Vice-President and Treasurer for South Suburban Toastmasters, where he honed his leadership skills and facilitated impactful communication training. In collaboration with Marcy Newberry Service and the City of Chicago, Rahsaan developed job readiness programs tailored for teenagers from low-income families, empowering them with the skills and confidence to succeed.

Rahsaan's contributions have been widely recognized, earning him the prestigious Knights of Peter Claver Ladies Auxiliary African American Male Image Award. He actively supports and invests in movements that promote and preserve our cultural heritage, recognizing the vital role he plays in the community.

Through Blue Nebula Consulting, Rahsaan has transformed numerous firms, achieving remarkable results. From humble beginnings of less than $100K, these firms have grown to generate over $1 million in annual pre-need sales. Moreover, Rahsaan's business serves as a social and economic asset in the communities it operates, contributing to their growth and development.

In addition to his professional achievements, Rahsaan provides personalized business coaching, offering aspiring entrepreneurs valuable insights and guidance on their own paths to success.

With his analytical mindset, strategic acumen, and unwavering ambition, Rahsaan Brown is regarded by respected industry leaders as "The future of pre-need funeral planning." His vision, leadership, and commitment to community advancement continue to shape the industry and inspire generations of professionals in pre-need sales and funeral planning.